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Curriculum and Policies


The love for Truth and a desire for knowledge will inform the attitudes and pedagogical practices of all the teachers in this school. Here there will be preserved a synthesis of culture and Faith so that:

  • The students are taught the value of knowledge as such, and are helped to desire and find truth by means of instruction, study and experience.

  • Individual subjects are taught according to their own particular discipline and methodology. They are not taught as mere adjuncts to faith or a means to teaching apologetics.

  • The school aims to enable all the students to gain practical and intellectual skills, knowledge, intellectual methods and moral and social attitudes through a range of well-chosen subjects, so that they may attain to knowledge of Truth, develop their personality, and take their proper place in society.

  • Students will be helped to realise that education is not aimed at gaining power or material prosperity and success, but as an aid to a fuller understanding of God, mankind and the world.

We desire that this school be a true community of faith, fed and stimulated by the word of Christ in Scripture and Tradition – especially in the liturgical and sacramental tradition – and in the lives of the saints who have witnessed to that Word, especially Mary, Mother of God and Queen of Heaven and Earth, who is loved and revered in this school as the “‘highest honour of our race” and as the mother and model of all Christians.

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