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2024 Newsletter Term 2 - Week 4

Dear parents,

It was a rare and engaging opportunity to meet with Bishop Mark Edwards OMI yesterday evening at the term 2 Parent Night.

Bishop Mark spoke about the connection between authenticity and the desire to share our Catholic faith with others; to evangelise. While we are witnesses to an increasing secularisation of society, Bishop Mark does not see the trend as limiting opportunities but liberating them.

Rather than adopt a siege mentality, we were encouraged to reach out to those we encounter to tell people about what Jesus has done for us. At the conclusion of his address, Bishop Mark invited parents to reflect on and share with their spouse or person sitting nearest about their encounters with Christ and opportunities taken to share with others what we ourselves have received.

Parents then gave open feedback in a plenary session, which Bishop Mark reacted to, in a seldom seen and spiritually rich exchange between lay people and the diocesan bishop.

It was a big day yesterday. The result of the Athletics Carnival will be announced at an assembly on Tuesday morning. In the meantime, I wanted to make special mention of the volunteers who helped us out on the day. It sounds cliché, but it couldn’t be done without the willingness of not a few parents to run the field events. I particularly want to thank Kylie and Matt Darlow who set up and managed the starting and finishing gates for the track events throughout the day. Much of the day's success is owed to Mr Griffin's meticulous preparation. Thanks to all.

I was especially proud of the spirit with which students participated in the carnival. They gave their all for their House, whether competing themselves or encouraging others at their event. And there was a vibrant buzz at the end of the day that defied the day's length and sapping activity. I marvelled and was truly amazed.

Thanks for your support.

Warm regards, Ian Smith Principal

Week 4 Term 2, 2024 Newsletter
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