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2023 Newsletter Term 3 - Week 10

Dear parents,

Not everything that comes out of Hollywood is bad. One thing that has sparked my interest is The Chosen series that follows the ministry of Jesus, intertwining a fictional narrative with the Gospel accounts. Back stories to characters such as St Mary Magdalene, Jairus, the woman with the hemorrhage, along with the apostles and others provide a fascinating context to Jesus’ preaching, working miracles and gathering disciples.

One of the fringe characters that I’m enjoying seeing the development of is Gaius. A captain of the Roman guard, Gaius is the liaison and protector of a tax collector named Matthew. On the day that Matthew takes up Jesus’ invitation to follow him, Gaius unexpectedly meets Matthew at his doorstep to escort Matthew to his place of work. On the way, Matthew asks Gaius, “What if you were the only Roman in Capernaum? What would you do?” To which Gaius responds, “I think I would change my clothes.”

We all want to fit in. Gaius possesses an integrity that is growing with the series, and when he answers Matthew, it seems like wisdom. However, Gaius captures the lame temptation to go with the flow; to go along in order to get along. In contrast, Matthew, who in the series is portrayed as an autistic savant, “throws it all away” in order to do something daring, to follow Jesus.

It is Matthew who has chosen the better path and the scene is set for Gaius to, ultimately, step out of the grey and into the Light. On this last day in the schooling life of the graduating class of 2023, I would like to ask our Year 12 students, “What would you do?”

Perhaps the best of SMMC was on show at the Festival of the Arts on Tuesday evening. I would like to thank all the staff and students who were involved in designing and delivering an extraordinary event that was the culmination of an extraordinarily busy term. May Our Lord bless you and your family with a peaceful and restorative term holiday.

Warm regards,

Ian Smith


HSC Students

Today is the last day of school attendance for our 2023 Year 12 students. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare to sit their HSC exams in term 4. Please see a prayer sheet attached. Thank you.

Netball News

Congratulations to the SMMC Opals, who were runners up in Albury Netball Association’s Junior Competition.

Fete Stall Volunteers Needed

We need a few more volunteers to help co-ordinate stalls at next term’s Country Christmas Twilight Fete that will take place on Friday 17th November. Stalls that still need coordinators include: BBQ & Drinks, Cake Stall, Plant Stall, Milkshakes & Ice Creams and Face Painting. Husband and wife teams work well or team up with another parent/s. Please contact the school office via telephone or email if you can help out. If you have a new idea for a Stall or other fun activity that you would be willing to run, let us know by the first week of next term.

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