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2023 Newsletter Term 4 - Week 6

Dear parents,

Hearty congratulations to our Year 12 students who formally graduated at the annual Graduation Dinner the Saturday before last. Phillipa and Toby led a fitting tribute to the cohort as they embark on life post-school. God bless them.

At the end of the year SMMC will farewell Mrs Mary McGrath who will take up a teaching position at St Mary MacKillop Colleges, Wagga Wagga. Mrs McGrath manages to largely fly under the radar, until senior students relate her impact on them as a mentor and teacher, at which time the students typically become a blubbering mess. I believe something similar happened when she announced her impending departure to her more senior classes. It's not my way to be a blubbering mess, but I am very grateful for Mrs McGrath's 5 years' service during which she has been prepared to jump into any duty that was needed, and especially for the high grades attained by her Advanced Maths HSC students. I wish Mrs McGrath every blessing and success in her new role at Wagga.

In 2024, SMMC will welcome Mr Barry Tattersall onto staff. Teaching much of the load to be left by Mrs McGrath, Mr Tattersall is an experienced Maths and Science teacher who has worked in Catholic systemic and independent schools in Adelaide, and operates his own tutoring business. Mr Tattersall will be taking the well-worn path from there to here along with his wife Lily, who has family connections in Albury, and their two primaryaged children. I know you will reach out in hospitality to the Tattersalls and welcome them into the community.

Finishing touches are being placed on the fete stalls. I do hope you can come and join in the fun and excitement. (Bring cash! Small denominations preferred!). One of the new attractions is the Christmas Nativity Photo Booth, which is being organised by the Young Flames Catholic youth group. The Young Flames mission is to 'Treasure Life, Teach Minds and Transform Hearts' in order to educate, as well as defend, love and pray for vulnerable mothers and babies in the womb. I am most grateful to the Young Flames for presenting what will be a fun and instructive experience to help prepare children for Our Lord's birth.

Remember to visit their stall and enjoy the opportunity with your children.

I'll see you there!

Warm regards, Ian Smith Principal

Week 6 Term 4, 2023 Newsletter
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