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2023 Newsletter Term 4 - Week 2

Dear parents,

Primary teachers spend considerable effort inculcating the school rules that guide conduct. In sum, those rules are: respect ourselves, others, property and the environment; keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves; speak appropriately; follow directions; move safely; and include others. This week I’ve been speaking to students about including others and keeping to ourselves, since they are at once key principles and, yet, appear at first sight to be contradictory.

In each case, the aims of the rules include growth, community and charity. We include others because we are, fundamentally, one, and we keep to ourselves, especially in the classroom context, in order to allow others the space to flourish. Each of us needs to experience the kindness of others, friendship and support; each needs to develop the resilience, character and confidence to stand on our own two feet and follow the path of Christian discipleship.

I am pleased to report that our HSC students are nearing the end of their final examination period and looking forward to the Graduation Dinner, which will be held at the Commercial Club on Saturday 4th November. These young adults are vested with our hopes as well as their own. I wish them every blessing and success, praying that their vocational pathways will open up before them as their schooling comes to a conclusion.

Among the items listed on the calendar of term 4 events attached to this newsletter, is the Parent Night on the theme of artificial intelligence. I warmly invite you to make your presence felt on the night. State, territory and federal education ministers met in Hobart recently to discuss school guidelines for the use of AI platforms. The Parent Night, to which I have also asked staff to attend, will be an opportunity to explore the topic and begin to conceptualise an approach to AI that is distinctively our approach. Please see details of the event on the attached flyer. I look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you for your support.

Warm regards,

Ian Smith


2024 Enrolments and Orientation

If you have not yet registered your interest for enrolment for your child for the 2024 school year, please contact the school office as soon as possible. Orientation dates will be confirmed in the next few weeks with families who have accepted an offer of enrolment.

Summer Uniform

Term 4 ushers in a change of season and, with it, a change of uniform. While the summer uniform is less formal than the winter, it is no less uniform. The school hat is to be worn by all students: the navy wide brim hat with school logo for primary, the ivory straw hat for secondary girls and Milan Mackenzie hat for secondary boys. On sport days, girls wear the navy skort. Could parents please ensure that girls’ dresses are worn at knee-length. Black school shoes are worn with normal summer uniform. Runners, including those coloured black, are not a substitute. Thanks for your support.

Religious Education Coordinator

Mrs Galvin has been appointed Religious Education Coordinator for 2024. Mrs Galvin has been a staple Religion teacher and organiser of the Religion program topics for many years. We wish Mrs Galvin every success in her new role.

Did You Know?

Students attending primary and secondary public schools in NSW are banned from using mobile phones at any time during the school day. The primary ban has been in place for some time, with the ban in high schools coming into effect last week at the start of term 4. While students may bring mobiles to school, they must be “off and away”, and typically locked so that they cannot be accessed.

All Saints Day

Primary students are invited to wear a costume to school in honour of a favourite saint to commemorate the Solemnity of All Saints on Wednesday 1st November. A parade will be held during the day for students to introduce their saint.

Twilight Country Fete

Help is still needed in the lead up to the Twilight Country Fete that will be held on Friday 17th November. If you are able to assist by donating any of the following, it would be most appreciated:

From now – Prize items/vouchers worth $10 to $50, mystery bottles, quality hand-made craft items, cans of soft drink, chocolate bars, homemade jams, condiments and preserves, clean paper/plastic shopping bags.

From Mon 13th Nov – seedlings & potted plants, quality second-hand items (not clothing).

On Fri 17th Nov – home baked cakes, cupcakes, slices & biscuits (please include list of ingredients), fresh home grown produce.

Please contact the school office if you are able to volunteer in any capacity or if you have any suggestions for another stall/activity that you would be prepared to run. Thank you for your generosity.

Bus Travel Pass Applications

Bus travel pass applications for 2024 are now open. For further information about the application process, please see the Transport for NSW flyer attached.

Contact Details

Have you recently changed your postal or residential address, contact number or email? Please ensure that you let the school office know so that we can update our records. Thank you.

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